nature-landscape-beautiful-city-light-at-night-wallpaper.jpgNamed for the ancient hunk of meteorite that marks the entrance to Opal Park, Skyrock is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States near the Atlas Mountain range, a humble neighbour of Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland. Founded on Malory Bay, it’s been best-known to fishermen (by trade and by hobby) and lumberjacks through most of its history.

The anglers and all others who venture there find a cosmopolitan place, befitting a gateway to the Far East, including a large, old, and influential Asian population who sought refuge from other, increasingly exclusionary, areas of the Pacific Northwest during the late 1800s. A century later, Skyrock is still graced by a large Eastern District and a “Jadetown” area sizable enough to rival San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Today, first-time visitors are greeted by twin giants: one a monument of God’s creation, and the other of man’s. The dormant volcanic peak of Mount Burnley has framed the city skyline from the start, and in 1968 was joined by Skyfall Tower, looming impressively towards the heavens.

In the last two decades, Skyrock has grown almost exponentially, becoming a true boomtown. The city proper is quite large, surrounded by a number of expanding suburbs and bedroom communities. Driving this growth was the establishment of ArchiTech, Inc. (ARTI on the New York Stock Exchange) by the flamboyant plutocrat and techno-wizard Aaron Ark. As ArchiTech and other high-tech companies flourished, so did Emerald City, transforming the once-sleepy burgh into a leading centre for the computer industry and other high-technology businesses.


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